Hurry Up And Wait… Welcome to Bolivia

August 17, 2023

Land speed racing has always been a waiting game—waiting for the ideal conditions, waiting for the course to dry or the winds to die down. On the other side of the equator, the script is flipped, and the perfect track and conditions are waiting for the race machines!

Days of shipping delays have racers and teams on edge, but the excitement of being in Bolivia has kept spirits high and participants of the 2023 Bolivia Speed Trials entertained, exploring on the Salar at the “Staircase to Nowhere,” the Dakar monument and more artistic sculptures, visiting the town of Uyuni, the Cemetario de Trenes (Train Cemetery) enjoying the local cuisine and shopping.

Racers are eager to race, but the down time has allowed people from around the world to get a taste of Bolivia’s Altiplano, and the way of life of its people. “We’re making the most of our time here, and doing a good job of keeping spirits up,” said Rocky Robinson. “Of course, we’d rather be racing, but we’re still going to get our time on the salt.”

Mike and Erin Garcia atop a salt pyramid.

"Funny meeting you here!" Teams converge in the Uyuni town square and stop for a photo up.

Erin Sills, Mike and Erin Garcia at Cactus Island.

Mike Akatiff leads the event meeting at the Cristal Samana hotel, the Salar sunset in the background.

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